Holliday | ARGENTINA

The Brief

BC La Campagnola
BC was born in 1986 as a line of delicious and dietary products of La Campagnola.

Since the beginning, it has been synonymous with well-being and naturalness. This Argentine brand is low in calories, transparent and authentic. BC transmits the message, that it is naturally your best choice.

In this instance, the agency was asked to design the packaging of three flavors of in & out juices that combine a mix of unique flavors with tea. For the product launch, the agency was in charge of the communication campaign and POP materials for self-service retailers, supermarkets, grocery stores, kiosks and wholesalers in Argentina.

Design Idea
The agency used the claim “A combination of unique flavors” as the basis for the brand message of the BC Collection line. We played with colorful appearance, artsy graphics and brush strokes to create a visual universe based on relaxation, inspiration, and harmony.

Our goal was to target mainly women between the age of 25 to 45, frequent consumers of juice and exotic teas seeking balance and well-being and taking care of themselves. For that, this product’s flavor combination allowed us to generate an aesthetics radiating with joy, love, well-being and referring to the serenity of nature.

For the communication campaign, we chose to present the brand and the 3 flavors at the introduction stage in a way to raiseawareness about this new product. The harmonious and natural aesthetics of these powdered juices helped to achieve great market recognition, surpassing sales expectations.