Best Galleta


The Brief
Best wafer cookie, the leader of the chocolate market in Central America has kept its image unchanged for over 30 years due to product success.

Too Agency was in charge of the image renovation in line with the main objective of maintaining the brand’s essence and spirit so that consumers continue to recognize it as such. For the logo redesign we decided to use a more present-day typeface adding light and shadow effects for volume and depth, and the diagonal positioning for more dynamism. The color palette was maintained because it is one of the most identifying features associated with the brand.

We decided to place a hyperrealistic illustration on the packaging to transfer the sense of product quality and delicious taste. We selected a dynamic image showing the product inside and outside playing with the peanut explosion.

The Campaign
The main communication concept of the product line was to emphasize that despite the image renovation, the product remains the same. We communicate it under the following claim: The Cookie always changes its look.