Best | Guatemala

The Brief

BEST Company decided to enter both national and international competitive markets of chocolate bars with a new brand. The main objective of this project was to get the attention of a large audience, consumers looking for a chocolate bar, get them to know the product and at a later step, build customer loyalty.


The objective of this chocolate bar was to attack directly the competing brand Hershey’s, which is the biggest chocolate manufacturer in the United States. The brand is a trendsetter in the market, most recognized by its typography in the entire design. We decided to follow the same path and play a similar aesthetic game but giving it a modern kick and bigger and closer look.

Design Idea

For the packaging design, we went for a bold and clear style. The logo was made in italic typeface with gently rounded corners, in order to give it a dynamic feel and build empathy with the consumers.


To approach a large audience, we organized a communication campaign based on popular phrases but related to chocolate: “A CHOCOLATE is worth a thousand words”, “Full belly (chocolate filled) Happy heart!”