Pepsico I BIT USA

Néctar Petit Company has introduced Bit to the market, a new beverage for those young people of the second-generation Americans (children of Latinos born in the USA) who live in-between the American and Latin American cultures. The innovative product was developed for them and it combines the traditions of both places. The result is a natural fruit drink with flavory touches typical for most traditional dishes of Latin American cuisine.

For the agency the task was to name the beverage and design the packaging, making sure that it reaches the target audience: dynamic and young people selective in their consumption patterns. For that, we thought about an innovative design that highlights the appetency and freshness of fruits but above all expresses the fusion of both cultures.

The product name comes from the double meaning of the word BIT. In the first place, we used the blend as the principal difference of the brand: the blend of fruit with spices “A Little Bit of … Chile, Basil, Cinnamon, Mint…” And in the second place, we played around the word sound = Beat, emphasizing the rhythm as the typical characteristic of Latin people – “Fell the BIT”.

The Campaign
For the communication campaign, at the introduction stage, we chose to build brand awareness around the new product. Under the claim “Live the BIT experience” we could create various designs inspired by Latin style – colorful, full of fruits, spices and focused on “the flavor”.