Ricard Ice Creams

Ricard Ice Creams
Bimbo Uruguay was interested in redesigning the packaging of Ricard Ice Cream, one of its emblematic products. The brand has been launched over 10 years ago and since then the packaging remained unchanged. The agency was asked to create a contemporary and modern aesthetics to highlight both gourmet and homemade qualities in one.

Using the established benchmark and global trends, we developed a visual universe based on the craftsmanship associated with gourmet products.

Design Idea
To highlight the gourmet aspect we used in the photoshoot cupcake-style bowls different for each kind of ice cream, filled with ice cream and extra elements that gave it nice and delicious appearance such as strawberries, wafers, dulce de leche, etc. We used a casual logo, a handwriting font typical for home cooking and the element of the typical awning of trendy ice cream parlors to give it an artisanal and homemade feel. For the regular line, we used various colors for each flavor and for the light line, we chose the celeste background which is a marker of Diet food category in Uruguay.