The Brief
Com & Log asked Too Agency to develop a positioning strategy for their new pet food line. The goal was to create a brand for a broad target segment but with aesthetic appeal.

HOP! Is a complete and balanced product that nourishes and protects the health of pets thanks to its exclusive Immuno Plus formula: a mix of natural ingredients with probiotics for healthy digestion, optimal nutrients absorption, and better natural defenses.

Strategy & Design Idea
The project included 360-degree development, starting with brand design, packaging, campaign, pop materials, and website.

For the look & feel of the HOP line, we decided to go with a modern, youthful and appealing style. For that, we proposed to highlight pets’ images with vibrant colors to contrast the deep black background that would give an idea of a product’s distinction.

The communication claim is: “Good is Simple”, mainly emphasizing the simplicity and functionality of the product.

This is how Com & Log managed to add to its product variety a modern and simple line that is mass-market but tasteful.