Too Agency was in charge of launching Nutrique onto the pet market, the Vitalcan brand’s groundbreaking product, which thanks to its ingredients’ quality offers healthy and functional ultra-premium nutrition for animals.

For the product name, we came up with a made-up word NUTRIQUE, based on the combination of two keywords related to the product: NUTRITION + UNIQUE.

By creating this specific and highly memorable name, we emphasize the main concept of the brand – Nutrition combined with the unique quality.

Packaging & Campaign Idea
For the packaging line, we created a highly sophisticated, modern and minimalist design. Cats and dogs were carefully selected in their postures, attitude and placed in a natural context. The nutrition facts and attributes were explicitly presented through infographics to inform about the unique benefits of the product.

For the communication campaign, point-of-sale and handbooks for veterinarians, we used the ingredients as the principal driver under the following slogan “Natural and functional nutrition for the physical and mental well-being of pets”.