Pepsi-Cola | Jamaica
Old Jamaica

In 1988, ginger-based beer was introduced to the Jamaican market and served as a beverage mixer. For the next 10 years or more it has been exported to the United Kingdom and became a huge success, rapidly increasing on-premise sales. The main target audience was young people looking for an exotic flavor. The new design sought to emphasize the Jamaican origin and the broad background that altogether give it a traditional but modern look.

Design Idea
Too Agency was in charge of revamping the package keeping the essence of the brand. We used palm trees as the main driver to communicate the origin of the beer, whose main difference is that it is made from ginger (Ginger Beer).

For the design, we maintained the traditional style by using the central element and the existing typography and combined them with the modern look of palm trees and the metallic color generating a Modern-Classic style design.