Grupo Alza | GUATEMALA

#SASSONIZATE – Add flavor to your life

The Brief
Grupo Alza was founded in 1983 with the mission of selling food products. Sasson brand is associated with the production of spices and condiments. Too Agency was requested to create a campaign and main visual identity that reaches a younger target audience, who doesn’t have much time for cooking, but enjoys it and wants to make it taste like homemade food.

It often happens that we try a dish somewhere and it tastes amazing. And maybe as we eat it we don’t even think that we can create the same taste at home. It is time to dive into the world of seasoning. It’s time to get Sassonized. #SASSONIZATE, add flavor to your life.

Design Idea
We used aerial shots of the prepared dishes, with the ingredients spread around in a relaxed gourmet style. To engage with young target audience we played with words trying to make them sound like a typical modern language from social media, we used Sassonizate hashtag, and modern typography together with gestural elements for the slogan.